Privacy policy

myfatoora recognizes the importance of your personal information.

The best-in-class security standards employed ensures that transactions done through myfatooora are safe and secure.

myfatoora ensures safeguarding of your information through the elaborate use of security mechanisms outlined below. We therefore would like you to understand and get comfortable with these measures.

  • User Names and “strong” Passwords
  • Secure data encryption
  • Controlled data access and storage
  • Mature Risk Management practices

User Names and “strong” Passwords

User Name and a strong password ensure that you alone have the ability to access and use the portal. It restricts access to myfatoora in a similar manner as a personal identification number (PIN) that protects your bank account at ATM machines. myfatoora prompts its user’s to use strong passwords that include a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. This goes a long way to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Secure data encryption

At myfatoora, Information exchange is done through the use of Secure Socket Layer ('SSL') technology. SSL is a security protocol that provides data encryption, server authentication and message integrity for a connection to the internet. This thereby ensures that information is never transmitted over the internet unencrypted and cannot be accessed by unintended recipients. The encryption is done using 128-bit encryption. One can safely say that this encryption is the maximum level of encryption possible on the internet and can be compared to similar levels used by many financial institutions.

How do I ensure?

There are simple ways to check if your browser is using a secure connection. One way is to look for a locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window or alternately a change from the normal "http:" at the beginning of the web page address to "https:" The “s” is indicative of a secure connection. These signs help to ascertain that the transmission of information through the browser is secure. It is highly recommended to close your browser session before leaving your computer.

Controlled data access and storage

Customer critical data is stored in a central repository namely the database which is protected by firewall. The firewall configuration ensures that requests are received and processed only from genuine personnel. Sensitive data such as password, secret question and answers are stored in the database in a hashed format using the SHA-256 algorithm. This eliminates the possibility of any misuse of data. Data integrity and high availability is maintained through periodical backups of data and making the same available in cases where required.

Mature Risk Management practices

myfatoora has a rich tradition of mature risk management practices aimed at identifying frauds and breaches. These are in the nature of controls at various levels in processes such as customer registration, biller integration, transaction processing etc.

We pride ourselves as being pioneers in following the world’s best security practices and standards and assure our valued customers our best services at all times.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about our security policies or the way it affects you, please contact us at